14 Tips for Photographing High School Mature Portraits

11 Techniques for Photographing High School Senior Portraits

11 tips for photographing high school senior portraits

Looking for few senior portrait tips to build your photos to the next level?

In this article, I’m going to give you plenty of helpful approaches, techniques, and advice – so you can capture stunning portraits , slowly and steadily. Specifically, I’ll share:

  • A useful, practical, helpful, trick that guarantees you really never run out of poses
  • A few easy tips seniors feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • A step-by-step process for generating ample satisfaction and free internet marketing after your session
  • Much, much more!

Sound good? Let me get started.

What to do preceding to the senior portrait session

When it comes to planning for sessions, grandpas are some of my favorite people to benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I love individuals and their families, children, engaged couples, and after that wedding ceremonies, but seniors would be close to the top of some list.

senior portrait tips

Why, you may ask? It is a simple: seniors are capable to model, seniors are some of my very own best marketing tools, to seniors know what they want. Skin a great sense of style, which ones translates well in their photos.

When a secondary school senior books a session by himself, I get started immediately . I don’t wait for actual photoshoot; instead, Truly take several steps promptly to let my client discover I am excited about working with them all. I have found that if you do these tips, your session will not only do smoothly, but you will have a customer who adores to refer yourself to their friends.

So here are the key items to do prior to the photoshoot:

1 . Communicate those excitement

To begin with, before doing anything also:

Let the man or woman know how excited you are about saving them. Since seniors are mostly about social media, I prepare a tweet explaining the simplest way excited I am to work with these people and to plan their scheduled time – and I make sure to do this within a few days of the making your reservation for.

senior with guitar in woods

two . Really get to know your client

After sending out the tweet (above), My family and i give the senior an individualized questionnaire so I can get to know items better.

Some of the questions found in our own questionnaire include:

  • What are some of your chosen features about yourself?
  • What do you want to take into account most about this time in the?
  • Are there any personalized locations you have in mind for your fire?
  • How would you enjoy your ideal Saturday?
  • How would you describe your entire style?

This helps me tailor ones photoshoot to their personality, hobbies and interests, and needs.

3. Give clothing tips and hints on a Pinterest board

Even though seniors are printed top of the latest styles, many of them need help deciding what to wear to their session.

So a week ahead of session, I send regarding a link to a Pinterest snowboard – one that’s now with clothing and prop instances. This gives the senior express ideas of what to generate. It helps your client, you’ll take pride in helps you achieve the look you want in your own portfolio.

senior portrait tips black and white

What to do during that senior portrait session

In this section, That i explain my session workflow – what I do to stumble through hours I have with my case of senior memorable and tense-free (and fun! ).

You can have a great feeling by following these tips:

1 . Have a real chat

Many oldtimers don’t feel totally comfortable as you’re watching camera. So to break the ice, approach them, ask them questions, and find out simply their plans for the future become.

Grandpas are at an awesome stage of their lives; they have their wheat future ahead of them. Quite encourage them and spend money on them when you have the chance.

They will come to feel appreciated, valued, and confident soon after hearing reassuring words from an adult who isn’t ones own parent.

senior portrait girl laughing

2 . Praise your software (and show them photos)

Most seniors have not been in front of a qualified photographer other than for the pitiful pictures their parents encountered them take when they used to be younger. So make them feel comfortable .

Praise him or her when they look good in front with the camera. I love to turn all of our camera around and show customers some little peeks of how well they are doing. They love these! It will cause them to become keep up the good work, but it will surely give them confidence in their visual appearance.

3. To maintain plenty of posing examples existing

You may have a quantity of go-to poses you use women seniors. But since each person varies, you need to have several tricks the sleeve.

Enter the smartphone.

Before your session, simply browse the web and assume screenshots of poses you prefer.

You should, when you hit an entrain during your senior portrait blast, just whip out your call up and look at your saved attitudes.

It might feel as if cheating at first, but pensioners love this approach. They think this masturbation sleeve is so cool that your invested enough that you got in store for us for their poses. It makes them feel well.

senior portrait tips

4. You’ll want to bring props

I love to bring small props for my seniors to utilize or sit on during the photoshoot. This could be an old folding lounge chair, a cute beach hat, an old quilt, or even a lot books.

Stage sets are a great way to spice up the particular senior portraits. Plus, individuals feel really awkward in front of the camera at first, so little stage sets will give them something to do with unique hands while they adjust to your presence.

What to do when the man or woman portrait session

After a session, you can retain the clients excited, satisfied, and able to recommend your services just read the simple senior portrait tips:

1 . Post your teaser

The next day a senior portrait séance, I post a “teaser” or “sneak peek” pic from their session on Myspace.

Your senior will share that teaser with all of their friends throughout social media, which means more ballyhoo for you and your business. (That’s another reason how come I love seniors! )

2 . Send out limited number of photos in advance

The following week, after I suffer from edited all of the images, Allow me to send ten files in their eyes through GET BY .

The senior will also share these images through Facebook and myspace, and it will help them understand why they need to purchase a disc with all of their high-resolution images.

3. Give the individual a great gift bag

As soon as I have all of the visuals edited, I will order another custom book and provide it to the senior : along with a really appealing car finance package.

All package includes a handwritten write, business cards, and other little gifts. My seniors always seriously like how personal I bumble over gift bag for each of parents (another great reason to deliver them a questionnaire most get to know them well by way of the session).

d. Post on your blog

After you’ve brought all the final images, write about the session, including photo files you didn’t include in an original ten.

This blog post will also be communal on social media with their people (more free advertising! ).

senior by the ocean

New account bonus tip: Edit for living long

When post-processing senior pics , always remember that you are shooting for the parents as much as you can be photographing for the senior purchaser. I keep “fad” type of editing out of the equation by reason of I know ten years from finally the parents will want a solid (i. e., not overly processed) image on the wall.

Instead of using “fad” editing techniques, I always enables style come from the locations I choose. You can do this by choosing old bag buildings, abandoned farmhouses, grassy areas of cotton, etc . The type of seniors love this, and their parents will appreciate the timelessness of the photographs they am emailedx.

senior portrait tips girl in forest

Older person portrait tips: final characters

It is not hard to rock a session with your pensioners. It just takes some extra things to top – so the seniors exactly where you appreciate them.

All of these much more things will make your person feel special and will translate into the ones coveted word-of-mouth referrals back!

Now over to you:

Which of these senior figure tips do you like most? Which will you try the next time you are doing senior portraits? Possess your thoughts (and photos) from a comments below!

This post could be written by guest contributor Meghan Newsom. Meghan is a standard of living and wedding photographer in northern Alabama. When she’s not writing for her traditions blog, cooking up gluten-free recipes, or taking pictures, an abundance of her exploring outside ready husband and pup.

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