Against All Odds: Malala Fund opens applications for their last commission opportunity in collaboration with 1854

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For the third and final installment of the Malala Fund x 1854 Against All Odds payment series, one more woman professional photographer will be commissioned to create new work celebrating the power and determination of extraordinary girls

Education is an individual right. And yet current rates of progress indicate that will another hundred years will complete before every girl may access it. Launched in 2013 by the activist Malala Yousafzai – who became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize receiver in history at age 17 – Malala Fund is a non-profit organisation with a razor-sharp concentrate on increasing progress for girls’ training.   They invest in  educator and activist-led programs around the world, while challenging systems, policies and practices, to ensure that girls everywhere can secure at least 12 years of free, safe, quality education.  

Above all, Malala Yousafzai is really a fierce believer in a globe where every girl can learn and lead — and where every girl’s voice matters.

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With 2 of the commission opportunities at this point closed, the search for the 3rd photographer is underway: the ultimate chance for women and non-binary photographers to help further Malala’s mission through their innovative practice. As with the past 2 calls-to-entry, the winning professional photographer will be selected by none other than Malala Yousafzai herself, and will be paid a £2, 000 fee to create the project later this year.

Instead of talking down to girls, or becoming prescriptive about their requirements, an integral part of the Malala Fund ethos is giving young ladies a platform to tell their very own stories, and the resources to shape their own futures. “The girls we serve have high goals for them selves, ” reads the Malala Fund website —  this is why they created Assembly , a digital distribution and newsletter for girls in order to speak out about the issues holding them back. This same ethos lies in the middle of the Against All Odds fee series: whether their acts of resistance are big or even small, individual or collective, the project is not about speaking for girls, but amplifying their voices; which includes inviting each subject to help with Assembly.

© Yasmin Velloso.

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Caracas-born Silvana Trevale has recently already been named the first commissioned photographer in the Malala Fund x 1854 Against All Odds series , decided on for her exemplary proposal about 16-year-old Katty from Venezuela. With the highest rate associated with inflation in the world, Venezuela’s filled economic climate means young people often lack the resources to access higher education. Yet, despite her family’s ongoing financial problems, Katty harbours fervent plans to attend the University associated with Caracas and become a doctor, so that she can make a tangible difference to society. The second entrusted photographer in the series, and the girl they plan to enjoy through their work, is set to be announced on 17 August.

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For the 3rd and final call in order to entry , live until 2 Sept, the initial application is simple. Ladies and non-binary photographers based anywhere in the world are invited to distribute 10 images that best reflect their photographic design (the images do not have to relate to the commission theme only at that stage). Longlisted photographers will then be required to submit a 100-word proposal, which reflects the commission’s theme, and describes the girl or girls they wish to photograph. A shortlist associated with photographers will be compiled by judges from both Malala Finance and 1854; from here, the final photographer will be selected by Malala.  

“The only way we can create global peace, ” Malala once said , “is through not only teaching our minds, but our own hearts and our souls. ” Sometimes the thing that energy sources change may be a statistic, a report, or an article. But often , the deepest impact comes from something we connect with on the more visceral level. Art. Imagery. Storytelling. That is why photography matters in Malala’s objective. Because, whether it’s the culture, the law, or a solitary person’s mindset —  it may just change something.

The deadline for applying to the third and final call-for-entry in the Against All Odds commission series is 2nd September 2021. This commission will be open exclusively to women and non-binary photographers who are 1854 Access Members, alongside women from non-high-income countries plus Malala Account programme countries , who is going to enter entirely free of charge.

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