Behind the Campaign: Olivia Bee photographs Jeff Goldblum meant for eyewear brand, Jacques Jessica Mage

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Bee uses inspiration from the actor’s existence experiences and varied profession for the editorial’s narrative

Jeff Goldblum has been a household title in the movie industry to get more than three decades, ever since this individual appeared in two of the 90’s highest grossing films – Jurassic Park plus Independence Day . It’s only within the last few years that he’s begun to cause a stir in the fashion industry. In 2018 he beat Jonah Mountain, Bella Hadid and Cardi B to the number one just right Dazed ’s list of ‘Most Stylish People’, while an Instagram profile dedicated solely to his outfits ( @goodasgoldblum ) currently has over 30, 500 followers, despite being set up in February of this year.

“Who isn’t a fan of Jeff Goldblum, I mean he’s an image, ” says Olivia Bee, the 27-year-old photographer and director commissioned to shoot Goldblum for his first collaboration with eyewear brand name, Jacques Marie Mage . The take was orchestrated by the actor’s stylist Andrew T. Vottero – also responsible for Jeff’s fashion account – along with whom Bee had worked twice previously. It took place over a single day at LA’s Chateau Marmont last Mar. “It just sort of every came together, ” the girl says.

“I want to show them as they really are to the world – showing the true personality of people in photographic terms. Andrew worked closely with Jeff the last few years, and it’s actually evolved Jeff’s style in order to who I think Jeff’s always been, but kind of wanted to show the world. That was a big portion of the campaign. ”

Shaun Goldblum, 2021 ©  Olivia Bee for Jacques Marie Mage.

Describing the installation as, “old 70’s Artist but with a new spin upon it”, Goldblum appears poolside in a silk dressing dress and the kind of loud top he’s become celebrated pertaining to. He holds a drink in one hand and a yellow corded phone in the other. Within another shot he rests at a grand piano, dressed up in a tux – the nod to his musical career with jazz music group Jeff Goldblum & the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. “That’s a big part of how I picture people in general, ” Bee says. “I want to show them as they really are to the entire world – showing the true personality of people in photographic terms. Andrew has worked closely along with Jeff the last few years, plus it’s really evolved Jeff’s style to who I think Jeff’s always been, but type of wanted to show the world. That was a big part of the campaign. ”

Moving to a farm in Eastern Oregon early within the pandemic, Bee spent a lot of the lockdown feeding creatures and tending to her permaculture garden. The campaign had been her first shoot in six months, and the opportunity to work together with other creative people was obviously a strong draw.

“Honestly the biggest part was getting back into the rhythm of a team and working with Jeff Goldblum. Making something really particular, and being part of a small team making really cool artwork that benefited everyone, ” she enthuses. “It was obviously a super chill day, but energetic in a good way. Shaun just brings the energy, he’s very special. I had heard that he’s amazing through people who work with him, yet I just didn’t understand how amazing he was. He justifies every recognition he has, and much more. ”

Jeff Goldblum, 2021 ©  Olivia Bee for Jacques Marie Mage.

Jeff Goldblum, 2021 ©  Olivia Bee for Jacques Marie Mage.

Growing up in Portland, Bee started taking pictures while in her teens prior to moving to New York. The girl first big job was obviously a project with Converse with 15, while work with Nike and Levi’s followed; she’s also worked closely using the musician Maggie Rogers, plus collaborated with Katy Perry and Kesha. Concurrent to everything has been a strong commitment and unrelenting desire to produce personal stories. Balance, the lady reflects today, is an essential component of her practice. “There’s a reason I worked just for 10 years non-stop and now I actually live on a farm, ” she laughs. “I has been on a really crazy video music shoot last week after which coming back to the quiet plus being able to go work in the garden and make sure the pigs are happy – it’s brought a lot of perspective. ”

“It was definitely a big deal for me to shoot Jeff Goldblum, ” she continues. “But every job I do, no matter if it’s purely for the bank-account or a job that’s content, there’s always a purpose at the rear of it. I don’t take each job. And I feel like I actually bring my sensibility every time I go onto a photoshoot. I always want to get good artwork at the end of the day, that’s always come about. ”

Zoe Whitfield

Zoe Whitfield is a freelancer writer based in London. Her work has appeared in British Vogue, i-D, An additional, Dazed Digital, Wallpaper*, Job interview, Vice, Garage, Huck and Refinery29.

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