Clément Chapillon’s latest book explores notions of solitude on the remote Greek island

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Collectively, the images question the idea plus experience of “islandness”, inviting audiences to immerse themselves within Amorgos’ atmosphere

Clément Chapillon had been visiting the picturesque Greek island of Amorgos, the easternmost island in the Cyclades archipelago, for two decades. Amorgos’ dramatic terrain, both arid and scenic at once, compelled him. However , the particular isolation engendered by the outrageous landscape and geographical unapproachability of Amorgos ultimately fascinated the artist.

Receiving support from the artist residency Création des Treilles in 2019, he or she set out to photograph his experience of the enclave and the feelings it provoked in your pet. Employing a medium format analogue camera, Chapillon travelled to the island on five individual occasions over two years, immersing himself in the solitude associated with his surroundings.

The American novelist Henry Miller reflected that “spiritual apparitions” punctuated his journey to Greece – a sentiment that resonated with Chapillon. Their quiet images, drenched within the golden Greek sun, consult a sense of otherworldliness. However , a good eerie silence and lethargy also pervade them.  

Collectively, the images query the idea and experience of “islandness”, as the photographer describes it, inviting viewers to involve themselves in Amorgos’ environment as Chapillon found this.  

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