Documenting a gender-confirming journey

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Fin Serck-Hanssen’s tender portrait of his friend seeing that she undergoes half a decade of gender-confirming surgeries is currently published as a photobook, Hedda

These days, services for gender-confirming treatment in Oslo, Norway, remain slow, convoluted , and restrictive. Applicants endure long waitlists intended for assessment and treatment, as well as the majority are denied it altogether. A 2017 review indicated that the country’s only clinic providing government-funded gender-affirming care, the Nasjonal Behandlingstjeneste for Transseksualisme (NBTS) inside Oslo, accepts approximately 1 / 4 of annual referrals.  

In 2015, Hedda, then in her mid-twenties, began her gender-confirming journey in Norway. Her mother asked the family’s close friend, Norwegian photographer Fin Serck-Hanssen , who had known Hedda since she was obviously a baby, to document the knowledge. He agreed, accompanying the girl while she underwent over half a decade of treatment. Given the care obtainable in Norway, and the length of time included, Hedda travelled elsewhere, increasing funds herself — through Oslo to Buenos Espaces and Bangkok for beauty surgeries and a vaginoplasty.  

The project, now released as the photobook Hedda , documents a journey of gender confirmation. However it is also a portrait of Hedda herself. “I had been just trying to see the girl as I see her, ” says Serck-Hanssen , “not focusing so much on gender. ” The book by itself echoes this approach. Hedda’s selfies punctuate Serck-Hanssen’s gentle documents of her treatment. And the photographer also captures Hedda photographing and gazing from herself — the work becoming a mixture of his perception plus her own.  

Heavy black ink veils several of the photographs, including the publication’s front cover — a style conceived of by designers Mevis & Van Deursen, to obscure images regarding which Hedda felt unpleasant. Indeed, Serck-Hanssen’s project as well as the book itself endeavour to reflect Hedda’s journey. A window into her encounters and one that Serck-Hanssen expectations might support other people embarking on gender-confirming treatment themselves.  

Hedda   is published by Loose Joints.

Hannah Abel-Hirsch

Hannah Abel-Hirsch joined British Journal associated with Photography in 2017, exactly where she is currently Assistant Publisher. Previously, she was an Editorial Assistant at Magnum Photos, and a Studio Associate for Susan Meiselas and Mary Ellen Mark in New York. Before which, the girl completed a BA in History of Art at School College London. Her words and phrases have also appeared on Magnum Photos, 1000 Words, and the Royal Academy associated with Arts magazine.

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