dPS Weekly Challenge – Stairs

Your weekly photo challenge is ‘stairs’

#dPSStairs #dPSWeeklyChallenge – Make sure you read below!

I just want to reiterate, the reason we ask you to go out and make a brand new photograph, as opposed to searching your own archive for a photo that will fits the weekly theme is to challenge yourselves. We want to see you get better at photography, plus taking one theme a week, maybe something you’re not used to photographing and trying it, well, we hope it is a help. SO this 7 days, so your best to make it a BRAND NEW photograph, no photos from your archives – this week the examples aren’t from the Flickr account! They’re through Unsplash, my goal being which i will go and make a NEW photo myself!

Stairs – some examples.

Looking forward to not seeing any photos for a day or two while you go out and make a NEW picture for the challenge.

Be creative, make use of angles and light, maybe try some creative editing? Most of all, try learn something and have fun!

— Simon

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