dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Roadtrip

dPS Weekly Photograph Challenge – Roadtrip

This week your problem is “Road Trip” maybe you’re getting away for any break over the holidays, probably you’re not!

The tag with this week’s challenge is #dPSRoadtrip make sure you include it should you be posting on your own social media. (You can tag us as well, our links are down below)

All you need to complete is tell the story of the road trip with a single image! A packed car, a lengthy road, a steering wheel, a close up of your (or somebody else’s) tyres on the road – the ideas are abundant, all you need to do is choose one and make that photograph.

While ever with our weekly difficulties, it needs to be a new photograph and you can only share one particular in the comments or over the Facebook group, you can discuss multiple on your own social media and tag us though!

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Don’t forget to go back is to do the challenges you’ve skipped, and please note that this problem will run for two days over the Christmas break! Our own next Weekly Challenge is going to be on the first of January 2022!

Find the whole list of challenge here

Don’t forget we have Christmas special deals running right now! You can find the little pop up thingy on the front side page of our website here .

Be outstanding to each other.

— S

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