dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – The Number 3

This week’s photo challenge is “The Number 3” from one of our Fb group members, Jayda Messer. Open to your own interpretation, “The Number 3” could be a lot of things! Your image clearly must indicate or say “The number 3” in some way, shape or form.

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – The Number 3

I had No clue what to photograph for this style, and then spotted this small trio, thankfully not quite ripe enough for the kids to demolish, but just fine for his or her portrait session. Photographed having a 55mm f/1. 8 at nighttime, using the modelling lamp upon my new Godox V806iii flash to light all of them.

The quantity 3, what could it be? 3 people in a park? a few cats in a tree? a few photographic rules in one framework? (Do you even know 3 photographic rules? You can not break them until you know all of them, can you! )

So put down your cup of tea, pick up your camera and go and find your photo! “The Number 3” and after that share it here on the comments of this blog post, or share it on social networking and tag it #dPSNumber3 or share it in our private group. (If you haven’t currently joined, join now)

Content Shooting!

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