dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

dPS Weekly Photograph Challenge – Weathered

I had some great weathered timber for this until last week, when I sanded it and painted it… That is a fail, Simon! But then I remembered the old wallet knife I found in the dust and cleaned up a little, it has some great weathering! The smattering of rust, several scratches and some pitting in the blade, too.

“Weathered” – worn by long contact with the atmosphere; weather-beaten.

Old wood, steel, Toys are a good one, A rusted roof… The list, as ever, continues for a while! You can use a single picture or tell a photo-story, the only requirement is that you tag your posts if you share all of them on social media, use the tag #dPSWeatheredChallenge

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

The put on logo and brass hooks came up OK with a fast clean, but the knife is definitely and will always remain weathered!

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dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Weathered

Have a good weekend, have fun uncovering this week’s Digital Photography School photo challenge photograph!


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