dPS Weekly Photography Challenge: Books

dPS Weekly Photography Problem: Books

A source of learning and inspiration, books are a portion of all (ok, most? ) of our lives, some of them even have pages! (yes, that was a side-eyed shot at people who only use e-readers haha) I personally love a great picture taking book, but I digress… This week your challenge is to make an interesting photograph having a book! I’ve share several examples below (They’re from Unsplash , this week with home-school here in Melbourne, I’ve had little time to pick up the camera, sadly! )

You can set a picture with a book, use it’s pages to guide your viewers into your photograph, it can be about the book, as though the book is for sale and you have to make the photo of it that makes people want to buy it – you can come at your picture from any angle (in every sense) and I really look forward to seeing your different perspectives this week!

Make sure you tag your photographs with # dPSBooks plus # dPSWeeklyChallenge if you share them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, so that we can spot them and share them.

Four different styles for you to think about, many more options though – it could be a self family portrait, a background to a band (that you may have seen once or a million times within sets of wedding photos)

Make sure you tag us upon social if that’s where you choose to post your admittance for the weekly challenge.

As ever, some assist with sharing your photo into the comments section below (don’t click on this  picture   to  upload   your   photo , scroll down to the  Disqus   section, log in,   AFTER THAT   click on the little camera icon in the comments)

Weekly Photography Challenge – How To Submit Your Photo

Simply upload your shot into the comments field (look for your little camera icon within the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, when you’d prefer, upload them to your favorite photo-sharing site plus leave the link to them.

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