dPS Weekly Photography Challenge Mirrors

dPS Weekly Pictures Challenge Mirrors

We asked for your suggestions for our weekly image challenge over on Twitter, and Todd replied along with ‘ Mirrors ‘ which is always a fun challenge! Most people have access to a single (My 11yo needs to use one more before going to college haha) and the creativity element is high on this one – be in the frame, don’t be, it’s your choice!

Mirror photography Simon Pollock Gtvone Coffee Morning

# dPSMirrors is the theme, make sure you use the hashtag should you be posting on social media , and crop up across and thank Todd for the theme this week ( Feel free to suggest a theme in your comment! )

Mirror photography Simon Pollock Gtvone
‘Moving Pictures’

Angling the mirror to show a different scene within a scene as over, how did I do this? Guesses encouraged! Was this one frame or two?

Mirror photography Simon Pollock Gtvone
‘Worlds beyond your phone’

Obviously I didn’t venture out of my bathing room for my series of pictures, and that’s fine – you can do the same! I had a concept for another photo, but I acquired ‘that look’ when I questioned my wife if I could get her full length match to the park… bah! In any case!

Seeing that ever, some help with sharing your photo in the responses below (don’t click on this particular photo to upload your photo, scroll down to the particular Disqus section, log in, IN THAT CASE click on the little camera image in the comments)

Weekly Photography Challenge – How To Submit Your Photo

Simply upload your shot into the comments industry (look for the little digital camera icon in the Disqus responses section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to find out. Or, if you’d choose, upload them to your favorite photo-sharing site and leave the hyperlink to them.

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