dPS Weekly Photography Challenge – Peace

This week you need to find and photograph something that brings YOU peace. A peaceful scene, something that sets your mind at ease, something peaceful.

The Theme Hashtag is #dPSPeace and make sure to include it and #dPSWeeklyChallenge when you’re sharing your photographs on social media.

For me personally, I find that pretty much anywhere away from phone signal or out in nature is my peaceful place. I’ve shared some examples below…

That said, your peaceful place might be with a cup of tea on your favourite chair in your kitchen or sitting in a cafe window watching the world go by.

dPS Weekly Photography Challenge – Peace
A wheat field I don’t recall where
dPS Weekly Photography Challenge – Peace
Along the Inca trail somewhere
dPS Weekly Photography Challenge – Peace
Rapeseed right before harvest

Again, make sure you tag if you post on social media, or alternatively, share your photo in the comments of this blog post or over in our Facebook group.

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Look after each other.

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