dPS Weekly Photography Challenge Rain

dPS Weekly Photography Challenge Rain

Rain! There’s a lot of it close to right now (Depending on where you are obviously) so let’s call at your take on this week’s picture taking challenge theme ‘Rain’ I chose to photograph the raindrops that had run down the window all afternoon, with a macro lens.

#dPSRAIN is the hashtag for this week’s challenge if you’re posting on social media (make be certain to follow us! )

Rain Drops from the Melbourne Rain
Raindrops not so crystal clear | Friday’s rain inside Melbourne, Australia

If you reside somewhere that it’s not raining, and there’s no rain forecast, you can bend the guidelines and do ‘water’ in general. (Hey, a garden hose and some creativeness and you’re making your personal rain! ) when taking photos of rain (or water) remember that it looks good along with light shining through it, or maybe as a reflective pool, perhaps even glistening on several skin, the options aren’t endless, but with a little creativity, there are a lot of them!

Kids Riding in the rain
Kids being kids in the rain | Kew Traffic School

You can opt to capture a detail (top and below) or a whole scene (above) for this theme, really what ever takes your fancy.

dPS Weekly Photography Challenge Rain

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As actually, some help with sharing your photo into the comments area below (don’t click on this  photo   to  upload   your   photo , scroll down to the  Disqus   section, log in,   THEN   click on the little camera image in the comments)

Weekly Photography Challenge – How To Submit Your Photo

Simply upload your own shot into the comments industry (look for the little digital camera icon in the Disqus responses section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, upload them to your favorite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them.

Dance in the rain.

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