dPS Weekly Photography Challenge: Vapor

dPS Weekly Picture taking Challenge: Steam

Welcome back to one more weekly challenge! We’re back into another week of lockdown here in Melbourne and it’s really not fun! We hope you might be all doing OK on the market.

We now have a potentially more complex and challenging challenge for some, photographing steam can be difficult! You need to work on getting the steam (or smoke) and the light source (the sun, an adobe flash, a torch, anything really) in the right place to focus on the steam for your digital camera.

Make a new photo for this challenge and share it in the feedback below the post, or even in our Fb Group . Make sure in case you share it on your social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that you tag us and we can see and use the hashtag #dPSWeeklyChallenge #dPSSteam

dPS Weekly Photography Challenge : Steam

It can be a difficult subject, here’s a great how-to for you! “How to Light and Photograph Smoke and Vapor in a Home Studio Setting”

“Have you actually tried to photograph smoke or steam? Perhaps you’re doing a portrait of a smoker or perhaps a steaming cup of coffee. Odds are that will sooner or later you may face this challenge. Fortunately, the illumination technique is not as elusive as the subject”

You don’t want to sit about here all day waiting for myself to finish rambling on, it is time to get out there plus make your photograph!

As actually, some help with sharing your own photo in the comments below (don’t click on this image to upload your photo, scroll down to the Disqus section, log in, THEN click the little camera icon in the comments)

Weekly Photography Challenge – How To Submit Your Photo

Simply upload your photo into the comments field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get inserted for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, add them to your favorite photo-sharing site and leave the link for them.

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