Every week Photography Challenge – Fireplace

Well, it seems ‘portraits’, last week’s theme was a bit as well scary for many of a person, though we thank those of you that had a crack at it! Well done. (I’ll reveal my favourite at the end of this post)

Recently something less, and more facing – FIRE – it could be any aspect of fire, such as flames or burnt wood/after a fire that sort of thing – the viewer needs to easily associate your picture with ‘Fire’ (be secure! )

Use the tag # dPSFire # dPSWeeklyChallenge in your posts on social media, or share your photo in the comments below.

Your own photo has to be a new photograph for this challenge – it’s a challenge, challenge yourself!

Weekly Photography Challenge - Fire

A quick post this week, let’s finish it off having a great self-portrait from final week’s challenge, DJT, good job! ( Link to DJT’s comment )

Weekly Photography Challenge - Fire

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