Here’s How to Shoot in Severe Light [Video]

It’s a tip usually given to beginners:

Only photograph when the light is smooth and beautiful .

But what if you can not find the time to get out during the soft light, and you still want to take photos? Or what if you’re in a jaw-dropping, once-in-a-lifetime location and the lighting is just too bright? What after that?

That’s in order to pays to know how to produce stunning shots in harsh light .

In this particular video, professional photographer Nigel Danson explains how to capture gorgeous images even in the worst lighting situations. Danson’s discussion centers around landscape photography , but the tips apply to several photographic genres.

To discover how to produce beautiful images in harsh light, check out the video below. And then leave a remark with your favorite tip, technique, or piece of advice intended for harsh light photography!

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