The best way to Create Glowing Cyberpunk Jacket | Photoshop Tutorial | Photo Effects

In this photoshop guide i am gonna show you ways to apply this glowing cyberpunk effect on any of your clothing making use of photoshop. The steps may be bit confusing for overall beginners but i have attempted to keep tutorial simple enough so everyone can follow it. It goes through simple steps. first we all take an illustration and turn into it into something suitable for the effect. then we consider that graphic and apply it on a leather jacket and at the end finally we utilize the glow effect and am will also show you how to alter color of your cyberpunk impact. So , I hope you discovered something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me personally in the comments, and have a few fun with photoshop: ) =================================== Background music by: Anywhen You Say by Cheel =================================== subscribe at ► Facebook: =================================== download image ► illustration (illustration provided by ' commercialart' ) ►

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