Steps to make Money With Your Photography (From Fine Art America)

How to Make Cash With Your Photography (From Art work America)

how to make money with your photography

Have you ever wanted to sell your photos, but the process seemed too time-consuming or even overwhelming? Does making stress-free money out of your images sound appealing?  

Then you ought to explore Art work America , a company that takes artists from creators to full-blown entrepreneurs – practically overnight.

Fine Art America is designed to have photography businesses off the ground. FAA lets you market photos online and create merchandise directly from its online platform with zero hassle, zero equipment, and zero time spent executing thankless customer service tasks.  

Instead, along with Fine Art America, you can concentrate on making (and uploading) good art. Best of all, it’s free.

Fine Art America merchandise

So how can you get started making money along with Fine Art America? Below, We share the simple, four-step procedure to create an account and include products. It takes about sixty seconds, so there’s zero reason not to do it – just follow the instructions below and sell some art!

(By the way, if you’re an art buyer and you would like to see some of the best work Fine Art America has to offer, then check out their featured artists . )

Step 1 : Produce a Fine Art America account

A Standard Fine Art America account is free, plus it’s insanely easy to set up.  

Simply head over to the FAA web site, then identify yourself as an artist:

creating a Fine Art America account

Add your name, address, and email:

joining Fine Art America

Then set up your own artist profile:

setting up an artist profile

You can invite some other photographers to join Fine Art The united states, so feel free to add emails and hit the Invite Friends button:

inviting friends to Fine Art America

Step 2: Upload images to sell

Since your account is active, you can add a profile picture, sign up for groups, and join contests. You can also create content for your profile page, such as an Regarding section, events, or even blogs.  

However , if you’d like to start selling right away, tap the particular Upload Picture button.

upload images to Fine Art America

Make use of the browser to upload the image you’d like to sell, then add a title, medium, group, and more:

Fine Art America creating products

At this point, you have the option to merely submit your work with the arrears products and markups. However , I actually highly recommend you check out your own list of options, as I clarify in the next section:

Step 3: Determine your products and markup

Here’s where things get exciting, mainly because in this section of the selling process, you set your own prices; you can also customize your products as you see fit.  

Scroll down and you’ll notice plenty of product types, including:

  • Prints
  • Greeting cards
  • Throw pillows
  • Tote bags
  • Phone cases
  • T-shirts
  • Bath towels
  • Coffee cups

For nearly every product, you have the option to make adjustments. For instance, you can change the image size, the item color, and (sometimes) the image orientation.

creating a product with Fine Art America

You also get to determine the product prices. Here, Fine Art America displays the product base price (which includes the cost of materials, handling, etc . ), so you get to add markup , the money which will go directly to you every time a purchase is made.  

You can set the custom markup for every item, but that would take a long time. My recommendation is to use the default, or recommended, markup for your products until you feel very strongly that it needs adjusting.

Once you’re pleased with your choices, go ahead and tap Submit :

submitting a product

And your photo may instantly go up for sale. Should you have more photos to add, you can always select the Upload Image option again, or even the Upload Multiple Images option (which is a slightly faster way of handling up to five files).

Note that, when an order is placed, you do not do any of the processing, packaging, or shipping. Fine Art The united states handles all the heavy raising, while you simply enjoy!

At this point, you have the option to relax, relax, and wait. In case you’re serious about making product sales, I’d recommend taking a more proactive approach and marketing and advertising your products.  

Fortunately, Fine Art The united states features plenty of promotional equipment. In addition to selling through the FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION website, you can promote your focus on Facebook, add an FAA-linked shopping cart to your own web site, design emails to send in order to prospective buyers, and submit press releases on the Fine Art America press release page.  

Remember how I stated that Fine Art America is free? Well, it is – but you can upgrade to a Premium accounts, which offers a few benefits within the Standard (free) account.  

Fine Art America membership plans

For the purpose of $30 USD per year, reduced account lets you use the website shopping cart feature I mentioned above, and it provides access to the particular marketing email function. It also lets you design your own web site (which you can use to sell images and merchandise). And with a Premium account, you have no product cap; uploads are limitless.

The High quality account isn’t for everyone – after all, you get most of the same features with a free account – but if you’re interested in selling via a website of your or you want to create marketing emails, the Premium accounts is a must-have.

How to make money with your photography: final words

If you’re like many professional photographers, Fine Art America is exactly what you’ve been looking for: an easy way to sell images without plenty of product costs, time on the job, etc .

And when you’ve made it this significantly, you know that getting started with FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION is painless (and maybe even a little fun! ).

So visit FAA and make an account. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ve got nothing to shed!  

In addition, while you’re at it, check out the Fine Art America most effective artists; they’re sure to offer plenty of inspiration.

Fine Art America is a paid partner of dPS.

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