The way to Pre-Order the Nikon Z9 and the New Lenses

The Nikon Z9 has just been introduced, and it’s nearly certain that it will be backordered and sold-out for a while – especially because the $5500 price is lower than expected. You can always cancel the pre-order, but if you’re even thinking about the Z9, you should purchase it soon. Here are backlinks:

Z9 in the United States (most of which ship worldwide)

Z9 in Australia

Z9 in European Union

New Nikon Z lenses at B& H

We’re part of the B& L, Adorama, and Amazon affiliate marketing programs but not the others. I’m which includes as many links as possible anyhow because you never know which one is most probably to have it in stock!

You may have the very best luck (and be able to assistance a local shop) by inquiring the salespeople at your nearest camera store about the Z9. Lots of small shops will receive a handful of just-released Nikon digital cameras as they start to ship out to customers, and these shops will not have nearly as many pre-orders as sites like B& H and Adorama. It could be better to be at the front from the line for a small pool than the back of the collection for a large one. Don’t be surprised if there’s the deposit, though, unlike most of the sites in the list above.

If you’re not located in the US, Australia, or EU, it’s even more important to inquire your local shops so you can get in line quickly. But if that’s not possible, you should be able to order from sites like B& H and have them ship worldwide, probably with a bit of a hold off and higher shipping costs.

Good luck and maintain your fingers crossed! You will get it eventually. If you aren’t able to make it to the front from the line, check used sites like eBay and FredMiranda down the line. There will almost certainly end up being people selling the Z9 (possibly at inflated prices) at those sites when it’s out of stock everywhere otherwise.

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