Life-style Photography: 4 Tips for Amazing Images of the Everyday

Way of life Photography: 4 Tips for Amazing Images of the Everyday

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is a lot of fun, but how can you get going capturing beautiful lifestyle pictures?

In this post, I explain what way of life photography actually is; I then talk about my top tips for these “day-in-the-life” images, including preparing advice, composition techniques, plus a simple way to create a lot more meaningful lifestyle shots.

I also illustrate the whole article with lifestyle shots of a solitary family ; that way, you will get a sense of what to expect from your photoshoots!

Let’s dive right in.

What is lifestyle picture taking?

Lifestyle pictures features slice-of-life images. It is the photography of people’s life over the course of a normal day.

Lifestyle professional photographers love documenting the day-to-day lives of families, students, and children. They make beautiful photos out of real-life activities – the everyday things we often forget to treasure.

Some life style photography features moments which are perfect and gorgeous, as well as other lifestyle photography contains times that are more ordinary and sometimes even unattractive. Personally, I love occasions of all kinds, and I love to look for the beauty in almost everything.

4 way of life photography tips

Want to capture stunning lifestyle shots? Here are my four best tips to help you out there:

1 . Established yourself up for success

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

If you decide to perform a lifestyle session and just show up without a plan, you may get exactly what you planned for: nothing.

On the other hand, with a bit of careful planning, you can dramatically increase your lifestyle pictures successes. Your images will be far more meaningful, plus they’ll usually feature lots of interaction in between family members (always a good thing! ).

Here’s the advice:

Before you conduct a family lifestyle photoshoot, ask your clients to inform you some of the things they will enjoy doing together as a group, be it natural or processed.

After that pick a handful of possibilities that will photograph well – right here, you’ll need to use your judgment – and that best stand for the family’s life.

There are so many scenarios that can be planned and prepared! You might have the family bake cookies or go for  a picnic in the park. And if your family loves the outdoors, a hike might be the perfect thing in order to shoot. It’s really all about the family’s interests.

In one of my recent sessions, I got photographs of the family treat time as the kids assisted prepare and then ate the peanut butter and apples. I also took a few photographs of the kids jumping on the trampoline, and then came inside while the family played video games together. I ended the session with something your family does every single day: reading bible verses and praying as a family members.

It had been important to me that I capture the heart and soul of the household, so we planned the right routines in advance. That’s how I got shots like this one:

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

By the way, families definitely aren’t the only good subjects for lifestyle photography. A team of tweens  painting fingernails with each other or kids  playing a casino game of basketball could make for great lifestyle sessions, too. Each day in the life of an university student or a documentary-style session by having an elementary school teacher is also amazing.

Just make sure you do plenty of preparing – so that you can capture your own subjects in action, doing the stuff they love.

Pro tip: It can be helpful to create a shot list, but don’t get too attached to it. If all the things on your list don’t happen, do not fret, but you can always rely on the list if you’re struggling to get good images.

2 . Be ready for the unpredicted

If you’ve adopted the previous tip, you’ve planned and prepared for your life style photography photoshoot…

…but you should also relax and go with the flow. If you try to manage every moment, or even if you immediate your subjects too much, you will lose the authenticity of a lifestyle session. Things just happen during your time collectively, and those things are what often make the most memorable photos.

For instance, just before I took the photo displayed below, the little one particular got quite upset over something that happened in the game the lady was playing and had to visit time-out. Although it wasn’t the girl finest moment and she most likely didn’t enjoy it very much, I’m pretty sure this photo is going to be one that she loves when she grows up (and that her parents will cherish forever).

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

Moments like that aren’t on a shot list. You can’t forecast them, but you do have to be ready to capture them and include them as part of your photographic story. You may even have days to don’t capture the one thing you had planned, plus nothing on your shot checklist is even available to take, and that’s okay! Whenever that happens, just go with the stream, and know that you may make something even better than you might have planned.

Bottom line: If you have a calm mindset, and you know that you happen to be prepared but that you are furthermore ready to roll with the punches, you’ll be just fine.

3. Capture the small details

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

Beginner lifestyle photographers usually focus on the “big” activities: major interactions between family members, scene-setting shots of topics in their home, and people doing hobbies.

But while these large events matter, I encourage you to aim for compositional variety . Look for the small moments, too, even though they don’t include looks or human subjects. These little moments will help tell the story even if they’re not really especially interesting on their own, plus they’ll create a more significant set of photos for the clients.

Therefore , as you approach every lifestyle scene, consider first taking the “big” shots that show off all the participants and their surroundings. This will provide context, and it’ll assist your viewer understand what is going on.

But then, once you’ve taken the wider shots, grab a telephoto or macro lens and break items down. Shoot a close-up of one or two people communicating, a close-up of confronts, or a close-up of an activity.

And if you like this close-up break down idea, you could go even more and take shots associated with little objects and information, such as a stack of publications on a chair, or a hand holding a pencil.

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

As you catch these little details, you’ll enrich the story by showing the emotions and objects that are most important to your issue.

1 piece of advice, however: Be careful not to get too sidetracked. If you start photographing anything and everything which is in the room, the story will end up muddy, and it won’t be clear what you are trying to portray. Have a clear vision of the story you are telling, and keep that focus as you take.

4. Take from different perspectives

When doing way of living photography, it’s easy to get stuck shooting eye-level pictures; in fact , many photographers try this without ever noticing.

But while eye-level lifestyle images usually look nice, and you should definitely capture some images from a good eye-level viewpoint , you can get even better pictures by adjusting your position.

In particular, I’d suggest you consider:

  • The camera’s height
  • The camera’s distance from the subject

By getting up higher and shooting down from above, you can create a scene-setting shot that viewers wouldn’t usually expect (and that your clients wouldn’t otherwise see! ).

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

And by getting down low, you are able to show the world from the perspective of a child; the result could be wonderfully intimate.

I’d also recommend taking into consideration the space between your camera and your subjects. Certain interactions, like a mother doing her daughter’s hair, are enhanced with a close-up perspective:

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

While other activities, such as a family praying, are often best captured from a distance:

tips for beautiful lifestyle photography

If you’re functioning from far away, try adding in downroad objects such as curtains or stair railings. These foreground items can make the viewer feel like they are really seeing into the heart of someone’s life, which can be very powerful.

What happens if you’re not sure which type of perspective works best? Just experiment. Move closer, move back, move around. Be creative. There’s nothing wrong with consuming extra shots!

Lifestyle photography tips: last words

Well, there you have it:

My best suggestions for beautiful lifestyle photos.

Hopefully, at this point you feel better equipped to catch stunning images – and the next time you have a photo session, be sure to remember my tips.

Naturally , you should also have plenty of fun!

Now to you:

Which of these tips do you plan to use in your lifestyle picture taking? Do you have any lifestyle pictures that you’re proud of? Discuss your thoughts and photos within the comments below!

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