Nadine Ijewere’s debut photobook celebrates identity, beauty, and pleasure

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Radiating warmth plus colour, the much-anticipated newsletter is a visual record of the photographer’s remarkable career up to now

Nadine Ijewere’s debut guide Our Own Selves celebrates identity, beauty, and joy — in all their varied forms — through over 160 images spanning personal, editorial and commercial work.  

The much-anticipated publication can also be a visual record from the photographer’s remarkable career up to now. Commissions for brands and magazines such as Vogue, Dior and Stella McCartney sit down alongside personal work highlighting on Ijewere’s experiences like a young Black woman within South London and her roots in Nigeria plus Jamaica — her characteristically vibrant colours and wistful backdrops visible throughout.  

The publication includes a job interview with Dazed Media’s Executive Editorial Director Lynette Nylander, in which Ijewere discusses the girl beginnings, career trajectory, and the pressure that comes in tandem with success.  

Radiating warmth and colour, the book is a celebration associated with Ijewere’s accomplishments. But , additionally it is a testament to her like for storytelling through digital photography: “For me, it’s more than just the fashion or the garment. For me, it’s the whole story. ”

Our Own Selves  by Nadine Ijewere is certainly published by  Prestel.

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