Nikon Z 800mm f/6. third VR S Lens Headline

Today, Nikon announced the longest and perhaps most exciting Z-series lens to date with the 800mm f/6. 3 VR Nasiums. Two things make this lens especially stand out: the unusually reduced weight of 2. 4 kg / 5. 2 kilos, and the shocking price of $6500. It ships in August.
Nikon Z 800mm f6.3 PF Lens

We’ve previously put the Nikon 800mm f/6. 3’s low price into backdrop ? setting here , but the summary is that this zoom lens has Nikon’s lowest-ever establishment price for an exotic supertelephoto lens taking the focal distance and maximum aperture evaluate the. By historical trends, we might have expected around a $20, 000 launch price to the 800mm f/6. 3 VR S instead of $6500. It is reminiscent of the Z9’s start price – which was $5500 instead of the $8000 or so that many expected – but additional pronounced.

One other unique feature is weight. The Nikon Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR Ring has a phase fresnel webpage element that allowed Nikon to dramatically lower the particular lens’s weight. At minimal payments 4 kilos / 5. 2 pounds, it’s about 50 % the weight of the F-mount 800mm f/5. 6, which precautions in at 4. a few kilos / 10. one particular pounds. The Z 800mm f/6. 3 is also more compact than Nikon’s 500mm f/4E FL VR that was awarded for its portability when publicised; that lens weighs two to three. 1 kilos / six. 8 pounds. It’s perhaps lighter than Nikon’s current 300mm f/2. 8 VR II (2. 9 kilos) by a full pound! I am certain that the PF element is without question how Nikon managed that, but I’m going to demand it anyway: How did Nikon manage this?

The end result is an 800mm lens that borders on the subject of being handholdable – definitely is backpackable –  and additionally loses only 1/3 break the habit of light compared to the massive F-mount version.

Survive expected these days of a Nikon exotic, the MTF graph is essentially perfect:

Nikon Z 800mm f6.3 S PF Lens MTF Chart Resolution

Specific features

  • Build Type: Nikon Z Attach
  • Focal Length: 800mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/6. 3
  • Least Aperture: f/32
  • Aperture Blades: 9, rounded
  • Filter Sizing: 46mm drop-in
  • Lens Aspects: 22
  • Lens Groups: 18
  • Special Elements: 1 Stage Fresnel element, 3 MALE IMPOTENCE glass, 1 SR element (Short wavelength refractive)
  • Fluorine Coated Front Element: Sure, and rear element
  • Electric powered Diaphragm: Yes
  • Vibration Decline: Yes
  • Internal Focusing: For sure
  • Control Rings: Two
  • Run Buttons: Yes
  • Focus Drive mechanism: Stepping motor
  • Minimum Emphasis Distance: 5. 0 feets (16. 4 feet)
  • Maximum Magnification: 0. 16× (1: 6. 25)
  • Mount Material: Metal
  • Weather/Dust Sealing: Indeed
  • Dimensions (Length × Diameter): 140 × 385 logistik / 15. 2 × 5. 5 inches
  • Excess weight: 2385 g / 5. 26 lbs
  • MSRP: $6500

Nikon Z 800mm f6.3 PF Lens Construction Diagram


That lens is going to be out of stock for a while. If you want the 800mm f/6. 3 or even think you might want it in the next couple several years, you should pre-order it at this time. You should also ideally sign up for NPS to link your order to your account if you’re a professional photographer who hasn’t done so previously. The Nikon Z9 even now hasn’t shipped for many non-NPS members who placed their particular order the day of the announcement; the 800mm f/6. about three is sure to be the same way.  

We’re affiliates with B& H ( pre-order ) and Adorama ( pre-order ) and would love the idea if you support Photography Daily life through those links, but I also suggest pre-ordering out of smaller retailers that may be able to ship sooner than the huge merchants. Place some pre-orders on line just in case, but also talk to your hometown retailer and see if you can get name higher on the list there as well. With the Z9, obtained heard more success stories by people who took that method, aside from NPS members who had been prioritized by B& They would and Adorama.

Press Release


The Longest Focal Length NIKKOR Z . Super Telephoto Lens can be used, Providing Overwhelming Reach at a Surprisingly Compact & Light Design


Today, Nikon Inc. announced the NIKKOR Unces 800mm f/6. 3 VR S super telephoto the len’s for Nikon’s Z combination of high-performance mirrorless cameras. This new S-Line full-frame lens allows aviation, sports, bird and wildlife photographers a super-telephoto focal length to enter into the frame with glorious clarity at extreme rides and distances.   The new NIKKOR Unces 800mm f/6. 3 VR S is approximately 48% lighter in taste and 16% shorter when compared to its F-mount counterpart, a result of the use of a PF (Phase Fresnel) lens element. Whilst the NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR S advantages from the latest optical technologies to maximum sharpness and faithfulness, its significantly lighter weight makes it easier to trek out to the most beneficial vantage point, and jump comfortably, even handheld or with a monopod.

“This 800mm lens is going to be smaller and lighter than in the past imagined, which is a true display of Nikon’s advanced optical expertness as well as the next-generation technology that certainly is at the core of the Nikon Z system, ” said Jay inslee Vannatter, Executive Vice President, Nikon Inc. “This latest NIKKOR Z lens is not only astonishingly easy to carry, but also gives photography fans the fast focus reply, intense sharpness and spectacular color reproduction they need to produce amazing images from overwhelming distances. ”

The new NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR Erinarians lens is built with an focus on comfortable usability and severe optical performance. The Period Fresnel element is suitably positioned to minimize ghosting, and is also combined with three Extra-low Distribution (ED) elements and one Short-wavelength Refractive (SR) element to effectively suppress axial chromatic aberration. From the sharp compare of small branches for the finest feathers of remote birds, every detail is performed with stunning precision. This NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR S was basically engineered with a close care about balance, as the lens’ heart of gravity is positioned nearer to the user’s body to improve smooth panning motion despite the fact that tracking swiftly moving materials such as a falcon in flight or banking plane.

Primary features of the NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR S:

  • Extreme super telephoto capability for Z-series photographers which has an 800mm focal length of which brings distant subjects for close, with incredible lucidity and sharpness.
  • Easy to package up and carry, weighing present in at approx. 5. 25lb (2385g) with a reduced footprint of 5. 6 inside. x 15. 2 inside.
  • Features Nano Crystal Scalp, as well as an optimized appearance and location of the PF website element that contributes to a reduction in ghosting for maximum clarity. This is especially useful when snapping shots into the sky or in the vicinity of bright light sources.
  • The optical VR function provides a greatest compensation effect equivalent to taking pictures at a shutter speed of 5. 0 stops2 faster. When paired with the Nikon Z 9, an effect connected with 5. 5 stops is undoubtedly achieved with Synchro VR activation.
  • Built to pro models: Rubber gaskets keep particles, dirt and moisture right out of the moving parts and the len’s mount. 3  The bat berrel is constructed of robust magnesium stir up, offering an ideal balance connected with strength and light weight. The leading element has Nikon’s nonstick Fluorine Coat, which resists oil, moisture and streaks and easily wipes clean.
  • A good Memory Recall function4 quickly recalls focus positions that were stored in advance, via pressing an assigned button. This kind of function makes it simple to fairly quickly acquire an anticipated study on a branch or perch.
  • Customizable controls include 4 L-Fn2 buttons and one L-Fn button, to which a wide variety of uses can be assigned to suit users’ preferences, including subject track your visitors, AF lock, playback plus much more. A customizable control phone can also be assigned to adjust ISO, aperture and exposure compensation.
  • The focal length can be extended to 1, 120mm with your Z TELECONVERTER TC-1. 4x, and 1, 600mm using Z TELECONVERTER TC-2. 0x while maintaining outstanding resolution5. People of high resolution cameras such as Z 9 and Unces 7II will appreciate the chance to also shoot in DX mode for even further extended attain (1, 200mm).

Pricing not to mention Availability
This NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6. 3 VR S lens will be available starting in April 2022 for a suggested store price (SRP) $6, 499. 95*. For more information about the most current Nikon products, including other sorts of NIKKOR Z lenses as well as complete collection of Z sequence cameras, please visit nikonusa. com .

# # #

Specs, equipment, and release dates are subject to change with virtually no notice or obligation for the manufacturer.

  • The aperture alone represents a 48% reduction in weight, or a forty-nine. 6% reduction in weight according to lens plus FTZ mount adaptor when compared to F-mount alternative, the AF-S 800mm f/5. 6 E FL ERECTION DYSFUNCTION VR lens.
  • Based on CIPA Standard. That value is achieved when ever attached to a camera with full-frame (Nikon FX-format) fühler, with the camera’s VR action set to “NORMAL”.
  • Thorough dust- and drip-resistance is not guaranteed in all situations or even under all conditions.
  • Your cameras compatible with this perform the job are the Z 9, Z . 7II and Z 6II only at the timing for this product release. When using the do the trick, the firmware for webcams must be updated to the more recent version is required. For other types, this function will be duplicated via later firmware revisions.    
  • AF performance could possibly deteriorate depending on the subject, perfection and focus position inspite of the camera body, causing erroneous focus, slow focusing swiftness or flashing of the emphasis point.

*SRP (Suggested Retail Price) listed only as a suggestion. Actual price ranges are set by agents and are subject to change when.

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