Nikon Z April Camera Purchase: Which Deals Are Worth It?

Nikon Z5

Nikon just announced temporary rebates on many of its mirrorless digital cameras, up to $600 off. As always, we’ll list the offers below and then analyze which ones we think are worthwhile for photographers considering a Nikon Z camera.

Here are the  Nikon Z5 deals:

The Nikon Z6 deals:

And the Nikon Z7 deals:

If you buy any of the above cameras, you are able to bundle an FTZ adapter to your order for $100, when it ordinarily costs $250. If you don’t have an FTZ adapter already, and you have Nikon F lenses in your collection, we highly recommend getting the FTZ.

Of the deals over, the best value here is the Nikon Z5, either body just or with the 24-200mm f/4-6. 3 lens. When we reviewed the Nikon Z5 some time ago, we gave it high marks and our Silver precious metal Award for its low price plus great image quality. With $1000, that’s especially true. It lacks a few video features and only shoots at four. 5 FPS, but or else is comparable to the more expensive Nikon Z6. In terms of lenses, the 24-200mm f/4-6. 3 is the best superzoom we’ve ever used at Photography Life. With this combo at $1700, it’s a very good deal and one all of us highly recommend.

The Z5 kit with the 24-50mm f/4-6. 3 is also an excellent price, although it’s not our own top recommendation. The 24-50mm f/4-6. 3 is a pretty limited lens for some varieties of photography because of its small key length range and limit maximum aperture. It would be better to get the 24-200mm if you want a solitary do-it-all lens, or the exceptional 35mm f/1. 8 prime if you don’t need a zoom (see our evaluation ). However , each of those are more expensive choices than the 24-50mm, so the offer here is still worth considering.

The Z6 and Z7 deals are good if you don’t need the features for the new Z6 II plus Z7 II. If you would be to buy the Z6 II or even Z7 II instead (body only or not), you’d be paying $600-700 more in total. That’s right on the edge of what I’d think about worthwhile, although I’d probably lean toward the Z6 II and Z7 II at that point because of their wide-ranging up-dates. But I’m sure just like many photographers would rather conserve the extra $600-700 or put it toward lenses instead. See our articles on the Nikon Z6 vs Z6 II   and Nikon Z7 vs Z7 II for more info within the new features.

The only deal here that I would not recommend at all could be the Z5 with 24-70mm f/4. That’s because the Nikon Z6 kit with the same lens is just $100 more, where point, it’s worth improving to the higher end camera.

Until B& H runs out of stock, you should go for the bundles with the free of charge 32 GB memory card and handbag. It’s the same price!

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