Nikon Z Lens Roadmap

Nikon once again updated its Z lens roadmap, and we right now know of a total of nine Z-mount lenses that will be launched in the coming years. These types of range from two pancake lenses (a 28mm f/2. eight and 40mm f/2) to high-end 400mm and 600mm super-telephoto primes. Here’s an initial look at the new lenses you can expect to see.

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The Updated Nikon Z Zoom lens Roadmap

The following is the latest edition of the Nikon Z zoom lens roadmap, announced on June 2, 2021 (though almost identical to the prior version from October of 2020; the only change is that the two macro lenses were formally announced on June 2):

The roadmap has changed a bit through the years. For example , here’s how this looked in late 2019:

As you can see, in recent years, Nikon added another 85mm prime to the roadmap (likely a 85mm f/1. 2 S) along with two super-telephoto primes – 400mm and 600mm. While the official specifications remain unfamiliar, these supertelephotos are probably likely to be exotic Nikon Z 400mm f/2. 8 Ersus and Z 600mm f/4 S lenses that are specifically designed for sports and wildlife photographers. With the 1 . 4x and 2x teleconverters already out, Nikon will finally have a nice set of super-telephoto glass, which is very thrilling! Most likely, one or both of them will be announced alongside the particular upcoming Nikon Z9 in the fall of 2021.

In total, every Nikon Z lens we know about is as follows. Lenses which have not yet been officially announced are marked within bold:

  • 14-24mm f/2. 8 H
  • 14-30mm f/4 S
  • 16-50mm f/3. 5-6. 3 DX VR
  • 18-140mm DX
  • 20mm f/1. almost eight S
  • 24mm f/1. 8 S
  • 24-50mm f/4-6. 3 or more
  • 24-70mm f/2. 8 S
  • 24-70mm f/4 S
  • 24-105mm S i9000
  • 24-200mm f/4-6. 3 VR
  • 28mm f/2. 8 pancake lens
  • 35mm f/1. 8 S
  • 40mm f/2 pancake lens
  • 50mm f/2. 8 macro lens
  • 50mm f/1. 2 S
  • 50mm f/1. 8 S
  • 50-250mm f/4. 5-5. 6 DX VR
  • 58mm f/0. 95 S
  • 70-200mm f/2. 7 VR S
  • 85mm S (likely f/1. 2)
  • 85mm f/1. 8 S
  • 100-400mm S
  • 105mm f/2. 8 VR S macro lens
  • 200-600mm (non-S lineup)
  • 400mm S (likely f/2. 8)
  • 600mm S (likely f/4)
  • 1 . 4x Teleconverter
  • second . 0x Teleconverter

We don’t however know the maximum aperture beliefs of some of these lenses, such as the 400mm and 600mm primes, but we can roughly tell what they are going to be based on their previous designs. All of us do now know that the particular 28mm pancake lens will be f/2. 8, and the 40mm pancake lens will be f/2, thanks to a development statement from early June of 2021. Hopefully, Nikon will release more information on the various other lenses soon.

When Are These Lenses Coming Out?

The new roadmap doesn’t list any date projections for when the unannounced Unces lenses will go on sale, even though Nikon has said that each pancake lenses will be offered before the end of 2021. Aside from those, it is hard to predict what specific lens will be announced in 2021 versus 2022 for a number of factors. First, Nikon has launched some surprises that were not previously on the roadmap (1. 4x and 2x teleconverters, as well as the new Z 24-50mm zoom). And second, given the current economic conditions plus COVID-19, it might push brand new releases further into the future.

However , given the recent developmental announcement of the Nikon Z9, most likely either the 400mm f/2. 8, the 600mm f/4, or both, will be launched relatively soon. Nikon is likely planning for some pre-production Z9 cameras to be available for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics within July, and it is unlikely Nikon would offer such a digital camera without at least one native supertelephoto prime. It will likely be October or even November of 2021 when the Z9 and any related lenses formally announce plus ship.

This graphic is also worth bearing in mind:

Nikon Z Lens Size Roadmap Diagram 27 lenses and 2 teleconverters by the end of 2022

While it’s a bit outdated – Nikon has since announced both macro lenses and also the development of the 28mm plus 40mm pancake lenses – it’s still useful for knowing the shapes and sizes of the future lens. There’s also the estimate that Nikon will have 27 lenses by the end of 2022. Right now, they have 18, not really counting the two pancake lens that have yet to be formally announced. That leaves no room for surprises further than the lenses on this roadmap.

However , within a separate interview, Nikon intended that they want to release a minimum of ten more lenses just before March of 2022, meaning that there is at least one unknown zoom lens to be announced before long (though it may be F-mount rather than Z-mount). If Nikon sticks to that schedule, it will certainly beat waiting around until December of 2022 for all these lenses. Here’s the source for that interview . Note that the particular interview says Nikon is certainly planning to release twelve lens in that time frame rather than 10. That’s because the interview is really a few months old; Nikon has already released two of the lens in question (both of the Z-series macro lenses). Also, remember that the article is translated from Japanese and may be lacking some subtleties from the unique interview.

Analyzing the Future Lenses

A lot of Nikon’s upcoming lens lineup looks very interesting. In particular, it is great to see a company put specific effort into liberating pancake lenses, as well as unique super-telephotos. The latter has been a major pain point for all mirrorless systems, and it is great to see that Nikon will be releasing high-end 400mm and 600mm S-line primes. I really hope Nikon can push the optic design of these lenses even further compared to their F-mount equivalent, so that we end up with a lot lighter and sharper lenses that would couple well with 1 . 4x and two times teleconverters, especially when it comes to autofocus. Imagine being able to take sharpened, properly focused images from 1200mm f/8 – it may be a game-changer!

It’s also nice to find out not one, but two devoted pancake lenses on their way for the Z system. The particular Z cameras are great for traveling photography already, and a pair of lightweight primes (the 28mm f/2. 8 and 40mm f/2) will make that all the more true.

The 100-400mm also seems interesting to me. The biggest gap in the entire Z lens selection was – and still can be – a small aperture telephoto lens. Heck, I’d end up being first in line to buy the particular Nikon Z 50-250mm f/4. 5-6. 3… if it were not DX only. Most likely, the particular 100-400mm will still be too heavy to become ideal, but at least it is something. Still, you’ve got in order to wonder why Nikon continues to hold out and not release a lightweight telephoto zoom for what is, ostensibly, a travel-friendly digital camera system. (The 24-200mm doesn’t really count, because even though it’s light weight, it’s a superzoom with worse image quality than a dedicated telephoto would have. )

We also will be viewing another supertelephoto Z lens – the 200-600mm – which very well could earn fans for wildlife plus sports photography. Seeing as though it’s not an “S” series lens, chances are good that it will mimic something like the Nikon 200-500mm f/5. 6 VR , a well-regarded budget supertelephoto lens.

Exactly what Nikon really needs to push to its Z zoom lens roadmap is a sharp and lightweight 70-200mm f/4 Ersus. Nikon, please, make this a surprise announcement – it should be in the priority list way before any of the specialized or spectacular primes.

Nikon Z Lenses Announced So Far

The list below keeps track of all of the Nikon Z-mount lenses which have been announced so far, in order through least to most recent:




  • Nikon Z 14-24mm f/2. 8 S
  • Nikon Z 70-200mm f/2. 8 VR T
  • Nikon Z . 20mm f/1. 8 Ersus ( our evaluation )
  • Nikon Z 24-200mm f/4-6. 3 VR
  • Nikon Z 24-50mm f/4-6. 3
  • Nikon Z 50mm f/1. 2 S
  • Nikon Z 1 . 4x Teleconverter
  • Nikon Z 2x Teleconverter


  • Nikon Z MC 50mm f/2. 8 Macro Lens
  • Nikon Z MC 105mm f/2. 8 VR S Macro Lens
  • Nikon Z 28mm f/2. 8 (development announcement)
  • Nikon Unces 40mm f/2 (development announcement)

If you need to find out more about the Nikon Z lenses, see Nikon Z Mirrorless Lenses page in Nikon USA .

Nikon Z Cameras

All the lens above are Nikon Z mirrorless just , meaning they will not fit on any Nikon DSLR regardless of the adapter you use. Right now, these are the only six cameras which can mount Nikon Z . lenses:

Of such, the Nikon Z50 will be the only camera so far using a DX sensor, while the other five have a larger FOREX camera sensor. However , all Nikon’s Z lenses fit on all of these cameras, DX or not. If you use one of Nikon’s DX lenses on an FX camera, all your photos will be automatically cropped to fit the particular DX area. See more at Nikon DX vs FX .

Nikon has also revealed an upcoming Nikon Z9 digital camera that will sit down at the top of the company’s lineup, but few details are usually known about its specs yet.

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