Photoshop | How to Create Cartoon Effect Without Pen device | Vector Cloths Impact

Within this photoshop vector cloth impact tutorial we will see how to put vector elements in a photograph to create this fun toon effect. The best part is you do not need any drawing skills to do this. Just a lot of patience. 1st we will create outlines making use of layers in photoshop, then draw some details, then do coloring and finally do some shading. For every step of this cartoon effect i will give you some advice on what to do when you have no drawing experience. Does not mean it will correct in terms of illumination or shadows. It' t just tips for how to get surrounding this stuff if you don' testosterone understand any of this stuff. At the end i also have a short part where i show how to decorate this type of photo results to make them look more interesting and add some text elements to make it come together. 0: 00 Intro
0: twenty-four Removing background
1: twenty-four add outlines
3: 29 add details
4: thirty-five coloring
9: 02 shading 12: 41 adding paintings, texture 14: 50 adding text ===================================
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