Photoshop Tutorial | How to Create 3D Interface Effect

In this photoshop 3d photo effect tutorial i will show you how you can turn a simple screen shot into a wonderful looking 3d image. We won' t be using real 3d interface for this, we will actually fake it. So no need to about your system; ) This is a very flexible effect where all you need to do is understand basic concept for the effect and than use it to do whatever you want. I have skipped basics such as how to remove background or some of the short cuts because i do not consider this a beginner photoshop tutorial. I have targeted this more towards intermediate users of ps. Also i did explain little bit about how to add shadows and basic color correction the way i do for all of my photoshop tutorials. ===================================
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Oh My – Patrick Patrikios =================================== Download image ► Model: Birds: Clouds: Cat: I made the file very long time ago and lost the source, if know who uploaded that image, please let me know, I will update it here. ===================================

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