Take those 10 Meter Photography Challenge Now

Take the 10 Meter Photography Challenge Now

Update: Chase is still doing his thing and we’re still doing ours! We thought it might be ENJOYABLE to make this week’s challenge a re-do of this 1 from a good while ago – because it’s fun, and we all need enjoyable right now!

Beneath for details! Tag them #dPSYourTen if you post on social

All of us can’t wait to see everything you come up with!

  • The dPS Team.

Today on Twitter ( follow DPS here ) I was looking at some of the most current Tweets from a few professional photographers and came across this one through @chasejarvis :

“There are at least 10 great pictures within 10 metres of you right now. ”

He then linked to one he took in the iPhone to prove the point.

OK – so this appeared like a challenge that I thought could be worth sharing here on DPS.

Your own challenge is to grab your nearest camera (could become the one on your phone) and to take up to 10 shots with it within 10 yards of where you are right now.

Once you’ve completed that – upload it to your favorite photo-sharing web site and share a link to it inside comments below.

Update : Here are some of the first submissions to our 10 Meter challenge:


Pictures by Chelsea Parker (sunset) – Away from Kontrol (light) – Jenyu (Dog) – RedLeader (couch) – Foxor (leaf) – randy adamcyk (guitar) – Jamie (Flower)

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone elses images. Please consider passing upon news about this challenge in order to friends and your network.

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