The Best Black Friday Deals for Photographers in 2021

The Best Black Friday Deals for Photographers in 2021

the best Black Friday deals for photographers in 2021

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals for photographers, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a huge collection of discounts, including incredible savings on cameras, lenses, photography courses, photo editing software, presets, and more. Note that we’ve also included some affiliate links, which we use to promote our trusted partners. While we receive a commission for products purchased through these links, this is at no cost to you, and it has not biased our recommendations; our goal really is to share the best Black Friday discounts!

Bottom line: If you want to level up your photography, then you need to take advantage of these deals while they’re still available. So without further ado, let’s look at the current best Black Friday deals in 2021!

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  3. Lenses
  4. Software and Presets

Special Deals, Ebooks, and Courses

Black Friday is an amazing time for photography learners of all stripes, from beginners to professionals. Why? Because the best photography education companies in the world offer major discounts on training materials, courses, and ebooks. Here are a few of our favorite deals:

Photzy Action Cards (88% Off)

Do you want to get better at photography – but without all the difficult book learning, the trial and error, and the thousands of wasted photo opportunities?

It seems impossible, but it’s not – once you have access to Photzy’s world-class Action Cards. 

Photzy action cards

You see, the Action Card set is designed to streamline the photography learning process. Instead of lengthy theoretical books, you get 65 succinct Cards, and each one breaks down a key photography concept in a simple, practical, easy-to-understand way. 

Interested in macro photography? There’s a card for that, which explains the equipment you need to get started, plus it offers up tips, example photos, and even a handful of “Action Assignments” that’ll help you cement your skills. Love landscape photography? There’s a card for that, too, and it’ll get you capturing stunning scenics in no time at all.

In fact, Photzy has cleverly organized the Action Cards into two sets: 

  • The Genre set, so you can quickly tackle each and every photography subject that interests you
  • The Composition set, so you can develop your compositional skills and start taking pro-level images, fast

It’s a great product, and it’s basically a full photography education rolled into one easy-to-digest pack of cards, so it rightfully costs several hundred dollars ($325, to be exact). But for Black Friday, you can grab the cards at 88% off, for just $39.

So grab the Action Cards here – and become a better photographer!

Secrets to Tack-Sharp Images, by Brent Mail (77% Off)

Are you tired of taking blurry photos? Do you wish you could capture sharp, crisp, clear images every time you hit the shutter button?

Then check out Brent Mail’s top-quality ebook, which shares everything you need to know for tack-sharp results.

Secrets to Tack-Sharp Images eBook

Brent identifies the 12 focus mistakes that are causing you image-quality problems – then he shows you exactly how to fix them, in simple, easy-to-undersand language. 

You don’t have to spend hours wading through unnecessary content, either; the book is short and to the point, with four simple chapters (totaling just under 30 pages).

Normally, the book costs $39 – but for Black Friday, you can buy it for just $9 (and you get several handy bonuses, too!), so click here to grab your copy!

Photzy Snap Cards (93% Off)

Have you ever been out taking photos and wished you could have your training materials open in front of you? Or better yet, have you wished for a photography expert to be standing next to you, giving you advice as you choose your settings and press the shutter button?

Thanks to Photzy’s Snap Cards: Essentials, it’s possible.

Photzy snap cards Black Friday deal for photographers

Because the Snap Cards are designed by experts to do exactly that:

Tell you what you need to know about photography – when you need to know it. Not when you’re sitting in your room reading about photography, but when you’re actually out in the field taking pictures.

The Snap Cards consist of 20 printable cheat sheets, including plenty of key information about:

  • working with your camera
  • creating perfect exposures
  • arranging perfect compositions
  • photographing people
  • capturing beautiful night photos
  • and much more!

They’re easy to read, they offer quick solutions in the field, and they’re wildly effective. But don’t take our word for it; here’s what Snap Card customers have said about this one-of-a-kind product:

  • “I was a little worried whether there’d be enough useful information on the cards…but I was pleasantly surprised. They are extremely useful. I’ve printed out different sets and they now live in my bag!” – Amy W.
  • “The cards were truly a blessing to me as I could take my time and peruse them at my own pace while I played with the camera as I was reading through them…Your cards covered many “basic” ideas such as how the exposure triangle works together, yet you also gently covered intermediate topics and even branched into some advanced topics without leaving me on the fringe. Thank you.” – Charlie E.
  • “A very comprehensive way to understand photography concepts.” – Alitza A.

Normally, the Snap Cards cost $100 USD.

But for a limited time, you can grab the Photzy Snap Cards at an insanely low price:

Just $7 (or less than $1 per card).

So make sure you grab the Snap Cards at this ultra-discounted price while you still can. Because the deal certainly won’t last!

Click here to get the Snap Cards at 93% off, right now.

The Travel Photography Course, Plus Photo-Editing Training for Lightroom (80% Off)

Most of us like to take snapshots while traveling…

…and they’re just that: snapshots. They’re not powerful, they’re not eye-catching, and they’re certainly not evocative. 

But in Mitchell Kanashkevich’s Travel Photography Course, you’ll learn to enhance your travel photos – so that the next time you take a trip, you bring back photos that belong in magazines like National Geographic (and they’re guaranteed to impress your friends and family, too!).

The Travel Photography Course

The video course covers all the travel photography essentials in just under 4 hours, including composition, settings, mood, and photo editing. And you’ll be learning from the best; Mitchell Kanashkevich has been named a 2015 Travel Photographer of the Year, plus he’s been published in countless books and magazines. 

Normally, the course costs $129.97, but for Black Friday, you can grab it for only $49.95. It even comes with a free second product, Light-Based Presets & Photo-Editing Training for Lightroom, which packs 43 presets and 4 hours of Lightroom training into a helpful bundle.

So if you’re interested in travel photography, Lightroom presets, and/or Lightroom, go ahead and buy this package at 80% off!

A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition, by Contrastly (50% Off)

What’s the difference between a beautiful photo and a blah photo? Often, it’s the composition: the specific arrangement of elements in the photo that achieve a balanced (or imabalanced) effect. 

Unfortunately, learning to compose like a pro can be pretty darn challenging – unless you have an outstanding teacher, that is!

Enter A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition, straight from the experts at Contrastly. The ebook promises to get you composing beautiful photos in no time at all, thanks to its 90 pages of carefully explained tips, tricks, and secrets. And it includes plenty of stunning example images and beautiful diagrams, so the learning never gets boring.

A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition eBook

Normally, you can grab the book for $29 – but for a limited time only, A Modern Approach to Photographic Composition is available at over 50% off, for just $14.

So if you’d like to start taking beautifully composed photos, or if you ever struggle with composition, I highly recommend you check it out.

Understanding Your Camera Video Course, by Phil Steele (40% Off)

If you’re just getting started with photography, you’re probably feeling insanely overwhelmed – by all the buttons, the knobs, the dials, and the confusing concepts (exposure compensation, anyone?).

Of course, you could take the slow approach: read your camera manual, play around with your equipment, and see what happens.

Or if you prefer the faster, easier, all-around more helpful route, check out Phil Steele’s Understanding Your Camera course, which explains everything you need to know to get up and running. In only a few hours, you’ll discover the secrets to beautiful, well-exposed images; you’ll learn how to balance aperture, shutter speed, and ISO for artistic results; you’ll learn how to set the proper white balance in camera; and you’ll learn to focus like a pro.

Understanding Your Camera video course Black Friday for photographers

It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s infinitely more satisfying – plus, for the next few days, it’s 40% off, at just $59 (instead of the usual $99). Check it out here!

All Access Pass to the Photzy Photography Training Guide Vault (95% Off)

Are you a beginner looking to improve your photography skills? Then you’re going to love Photzy’s Photography Training Guide Vault, which contains literally dozens of ebooks, covering topics such as:

  • Getting to know your DSLR
  • How to get off Auto mode
  • How to master editing in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • How to work with light
  • Ideas for creative photos
  • How to capture beautiful portraits
  • How to capture beautiful landscapes
  • So much more!
Photzy Training Guide Vault

For the beginner photographer, these materials are gold (and they certainly offer plenty of instruction for intermediate and even advanced photographers, too).

In total, the Photzy Vault costs $1829. But for Black Friday, you can purchase an all-access pass for just $69 per year or $12 per month. Get it here!

Lightroom Mastery, by Contrastly (50% Off)

If you’re hoping to create stunning images, then editing is essential. After all, editing is how you take a decent photo and turn it into a masterpiece.

The problem? Learning to edit is overwhelming, and many photographers give up before getting anywhere at all. They never manage to make their photos shine. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy way forward:

Contrastly’s Lightroom Mastery ebook, which gives you everything you need to start editing your photos in Lightroom Classic, one of the best photo editors for beginners, enthusiasts, and even pros.

Lightroom Mastery eBook

Learn from professional photographer Adam Welch, who takes you through the ins-and-outs of Lightroom, from adjusting tones and making colors pop to improving sharpness, using presets, and more. There are over 300 pages of expert content – and by the time you’ve finished, you’ll be a bona fide Lightroom pro.

Under normal circumstances, Lightroom Mastery costs $39. But right now, you can purchase your copy for just $19 (at over 50% savings!).

Photoshop Basics for Photographers Video Course, by Phil Steele (40% Off)

Photoshop is, quite possibly, the most powerful photo editing program on the planet. You can use it to revolutionize your photography – by creating complex color grades, adding cool artistic effects, removing distracting objects from the background, and lots more.

It’s also ridiculously hard to learn, so the majority of photographers stop before they’ve ever really started.

Happily, there is a solution:

Phil Steele’s Photoshop Basics course, which offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand overview of Photoshop. In three hours, Phil takes you through all the PS essentials, from the interface and layer-based editing to layer masks, sharpening, portrait retouching, and beyond. You’ll even learn to prepare images for social media – so after you create a breathtaking image, you can immediately share it.

Photoshop Basics for Photographers video course

Normally, the course goes for a reasonable $69, but over the next few days, you pay just $39 for complete access.

7 Mastering Photography Ebooks, by the Creative Photographer (46% Off)

If you want to improve your photography fast, then check out this excellent Black Friday deal from the Creative Photographer, which offers 7 first-rate ebooks at $7 each (just $49 in total). 

Each book includes plenty of tips, tricks, and secrets for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced photographers, covering camera operations, lens use, exposure techniques, composition, and more.

Mastering Photography eBooks discounts

And if only a few of the books interest you, no need to worry; you can select individual books at just $7 each, for a perfect custom bundle of photography education.

The deal only lasts until the end of the month, however, so get these ebooks while you still can!

Secrets of Successful Event Photography Video Course, by Phil Steele (40% Off)

Do you want to capture gorgeous photos of events? Do you want to come home from weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, and even concerts – with a memory card full of outstanding images?

Event photography isn’t the easiest photography genre out there, but with Secrets of Successful Event Photography, you’re in good hands. The video course expertly guides you through the rocky terrain of event shooting, including:

  • How to capture sharp photos in low-light environments
  • How to work with flash for beautifully lit images
  • How to capture stunning candid portraits
  • How to pick the proper gear for pro-level shots
  • Much more!
Secrets of Successful Event Photography

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate shooter, or even an advanced photographer; Secrets of Successful Event Photography has something for everyone, thanks to the careful instruction of Phil Steele and Julie Kremen, both highly successful event photographers with over 25 years of combined experience.

So grab the course and learn to become a top-notch event photographer! It’s currently available for $89 versus the usual $147.

Cameras and Camera Bundles

Black Friday always features an outstanding set of camera deals, and this year is no exception.

While there are too many great camera discounts to list, here are a few that we think you’ll really love (and for more, check out Amazon’s Camera, Photo, and Video section).

Canon EOS RP With 24-105mm Lens (14% Off on Amazon)

The Canon EOS RP is Canon’s cheapest full-frame mirrorless camera, but don’t let that fool you; it can go toe-to-toe with models that cost far more, thanks to its powerful sensor (26 MP), fully articulating screen, and 4K video capabilities.

Canon EOS RP With 24-105mm lens

For those who are thinking of going full-frame but aren’t sure where to start, the EOS RP is a perfect choice. Alternatively, if you’re a Canon user ready to make the jump to mirrorless, this bundle is a great way to go; you get the powerful EOS RP, plus the ultra-useful 24-105mm lens, which can handle all kinds of shooting, from street photography to landscape photography to walkaround photography and more.

So grab the Canon EOS RP plus the 24-105mm f/4-7.1 while it’s still on sale, because you can get it for an ultra-low $1199 on Amazon!

Canon EOS R With 24-105mm Lens (10% Off on Amazon)

If you’re after a top-notch full-frame camera at an unbeatable price, then check out the Canon EOS R, which features an outstanding 30 MP sensor, beautiful low-light performance, and excellent ergonomics, including a robust grip and a touchscreen.

The EOS R may not be as flashy as the (newer and more expensive) EOS R5 and R6, but it’s certainly capable of pro-level portrait, landscape, and street images, not to mention decent videography, thanks to its 4K/30p recording and a fully articulating screen.

And the included 24-105mm lens offers a wide focal length range for photographers of all stripes; it’s perfect for casual walkaround photography to serious travel shooting and more.

Normally, this EOS R kit goes for $2099 on Amazon – but you can currently grab it for just $1899.

Nikon Z6 (20% Off on Amazon)

The Nikon Z6 may not be the newest mirrorless camera on the block – it’s since been succeeded by the Z6 II – yet it still offers excellent value for money, thanks to a class-leading sensor, along with a tough body and outstanding ergonomics.

Nikon Z6 camera body Black Friday deal

Low-light performance is jaw-droppingly good, so you can use the Z6 for beautiful night photos, indoor event shots, and even astrophotography. And if you like to record video, you’ll appreciate the high-quality 4K/30p footage and in-body image stabilization (though you may wish for a fully articulating touchscreen, which is conspicuously absent).

The Z6 is compatible with a slew of incredible lenses, including Nikon’s ever-expanding Z lineup and, via the relatively inexpensive FTZ adapter, Nikon’s huge array of top-notch F-mount glass.

Usually, the Z6 goes for $1997, but you can currently grab it for just $1597 on Amazon.

Nikon Z50 Plus the 16-50mm and 50-250mm Lenses (11% Off on Amazon)

The Z50 is a user-friendly, high-performing APS-C mirrorless model from Nikon, perfect for photography beginners, casual photographers, and Nikon DSLR users looking to upgrade.

Nikon Z50

While the Nikon Z50 doesn’t include any real standout features, you get a very respectable 20 MP sensor, 4K video, a tilting touchscreen, and decently fast shooting speeds.

And the bundle also includes two highly useful lenses: the 16-50mm, perfect for sweeping landscapes and wider portrait photography, and the 50-250mm, great for tighter portraits, action photography, and the occasional street shot.

Grab the Nikon Z50 plus the 16-50mm and 50-250mm lenses for just $1197 on Amazon, down from its usual $1347 price.

Sony a7 III With 28-70mm Lens Bundle (9% Off on Amazon)

The a7 III is one of Sony’s most popular professional cameras, combining outstanding low-light capabilities, in-body image stabilization, class-leading autofocus, a 24 MP sensor, and 4K recording capabilities into one ultra-powerful package.

If you’re looking for a standout full-frame mirrorless camera that can do just about anything, the Sony a7 III is a great choice – and this discounted bundle includes all you need to get your photography off the ground: a 28-70mm lens, perfect for portraits, landscapes, street photography, and casual shooting, a 32 GB memory card, an extra battery, a handful of filters, and more.

It’s currently available for just $1998 (versus the usual $2198).

Sony a7R IV (14% Off on Amazon)

The Sony a7R IV is a resolution monster, packing 61 megapixels into a gorgeously crafted full-frame sensor; it also boasts a stunning electronic viewfinder, excellent autofocus, and a line of class-leading lenses (see our lens discount section below!).

Sony a7R IV

If you’re a landscape or commercial photographer in need of mind-blowing detail, then the Sony a7R IV is the perfect pick, especially at its current discounted price of $2998, versus its normal $3499.

Fujifilm X-T3 With 16-80mm Lens (20% Off on Amazon)

Despite its age, the Fujifilm X-T3 is one of the best APS-C cameras to debut in recent years; Fujifilm managed to combine a beautiful design, a great shooting experience, excellent autofocus, and blazing-fast shooting speeds for a do-it-all camera that you won’t be able to put down.

If you’ve never tried a Fujifilm camera before, you’re in for a treat. Yes, the X-T3 is geared toward serious photographers and hybrid shooters, but in truth, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an enthusiast, or a professional – as long as you’re a fan of the retro design, then you’re going to love this model, not to mention the outstanding 16-80mm lens.

This Fujifilm X-T3 bundle normally sells for $2000 – but you can currently purchase it, with the excellent 16-80mm f/4 kit lens, for just $1599 on Amazon.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III With 14-150mm Lens (39% Off on Amazon)

The OM-D E-M5 Mark III is one of Olympus’s most eye-catching mirrorless cameras, packing beautiful images and 4K video into a small yet robust body. It’s perfect for photographers aiming to upgrade from their point-and-shoot models, as well as anyone looking for an affordable entry-level mirrorless option.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III camera

And thanks to the articulating screen plus the in-body image stabilization, the E-M5 Mark III is also an excellent choice for vloggers and hybrid shooters.

This discounted kit includes the versatile – and impressively small – 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II lens, which can shoot landscapes, wildlife, and everything in between.

So if you want a nice little camera that packs quite the punch, give this E-M5 Mark III bundle a try. It’s currently selling at 39% off, which puts the price at just $1099 on Amazon.


These are some of the best Black Friday lens deals that you’ll come across:

For Canon

For Sony

For Nikon

For Fujifilm

For Micro Four Thirds

Software and Presets

Every year, the Black Friday deals on editing software and presets seem to get better and better. Check out the incredibly low prices on these powerful products:

Skylum’s Luminar Neo (45% Off)

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly photo editor that’s insanely powerful, then I highly recommend you check out Luminar Neo, which will debut this winter but is currently available for preorder. Luminar Neo promises to be Skylum’s greatest program to date, packing all the standard editing features you’d expect, plus plenty of AI-powered extras.

Luminar Neo depth of field mapping

For instance, Luminar Neo includes the all-new Relight AI, which analyzes and adjusts scene lighting for unprecedented flexibility when editing backlit landscapes, shaded portraits, and other poorly lit subjects. You’ll also gain access to AI Power Lines Removal and AI Sensor Dust Removal, so you can clone out power lines and dust spots with zero work, as well as Portrait Background Removal, so you can transform bland portraits into unique artistic masterpieces.

In addition to Luminar Neo’s new tools, you can expect AI offerings included in past Luminar programs, such as Sky Replacement AI (so you can quickly replace skies for more dramatic results), Atmosphere AI (so you can add fog and haze into your photos), and Face AI (so you can enhance portraits with a few easy adjustments).

Luminar Neo normally costs $99, but the Black Friday discount knocks the price down to $59 for a two-seat lifetime license – plus, you get an additional $5 off the price, thanks to our special dPS discount (just make sure to use our link below!).

So click here to grab Luminar Neo for just $54!

The Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle, by Contrastly (50% Off)

Want to give your photos a stunning professional look with a single click?

That’s where the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle comes in handy, which packs literally every preset you could ever need. (And when I say “every preset, ” I’m not exaggerating; the product includes a breathtaking 1450+ presets, far and away the most I’ve seen in a single package.)

Contrastly Lightroom presets

The presets cover a huge number of genres and styles, including:

  • Film simulations
  • Portrait presets
  • Landscape presets
  • Wedding presets
  • Dramatic presets
  • Noir presets
  • So much more!

These presets would normally cost you $99 – but for a limited time, Contrastly is offering the entire bundle for just $49. Buy it before the deal disappears!

Adobe Creative Cloud (40% Off)

We all know Adobe’s products, but did you know that you can currently purchase Lightroom, Photoshop, and all the other Adobe CC apps for 40% off, at just $29.99 per month?

The deal includes both versions of Lightroom – CC and Classic – as well as Photoshop CC, plus Adobe’s industry-standard video editing apps, graphic design apps, and more. 

Adobe Lightroom

If you’ve been on the fence about going all-in with an Adobe subscription, then now is the time to do it. Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC are better than ever, thanks to the new masking updates, and Photoshop is on another level entirely. Plus, the video apps you’ll get as part of your Creative Cloud subscription are perfect for vloggers, YouTubers, and videographers. 

So start taking your photos – and videos – to the next level, today. Click here to get your Adobe CC subscription at 40% off!

Capture One Pro (20% Off)

If you’re looking for an advanced program that offers image organization and image editing capabilities beyond even Lightroom, then Capture One is the software for you. Yes, there’s quite a learning curve, but for those after maximum post-processing power, it’s undoubtedly worth the effort. 

For instance, Capture One takes color editing to a whole new level, offering all the standard color grading and HSL adjustments plus an Advanced Color Editor that allows you to make granular changes to skin tones and other colors in your scene. 

Capture One editing tools

There’s also Capture One’s session-based workflow option, where you organize images by photoshoot rather than genre. It’s the perfect way to approach image organization when working with a high volume of clients, which is why I highly recommend portrait and event photographers try Capture One, especially if Lightroom feels too restrictive.

Capture One 21 is the current version of the software. But Capture One 22 is on its way and will be available for all subscribers (though Capture One 21 license holders will need to purchase a second license to access Capture One 22).

Normally, you can purchase a Capture One subscription for $179 per year. However, for Black Friday week only, the subscription price is down to $143 – so if you’re after an advanced photo editor that’ll really level up your image organization and editing, then click here to get your Capture One discount!

ON1 Photo RAW 2022 (25% Off)

ON1 Photo RAW is an easy-to-use, feature-packed alternative to Adobe Lightroom Classic, combining streamlined image organization with pretty much all of Lightroom’s editing functionality and sporting a beautiful interface to boot.

And with the latest version of the software, ON1 Photo RAW 2022, you get unprecedented editing flexibility, thanks to ON1’s No Noise AI, which is “the best noise reduction software for photography” (or so ON1 claims!), as well as Sky Swap AI for automatic sky masking and replacement.

ON1 Photo RAW 2022

There are die-hard Lightroom fans out there who refuse to consider ON1 Photo RAW, but the software is genuinely great and surpasses Lightroom on a number of fronts. Plus, ON1 Photo RAW 2022 is a pleasure to use; it just feels right, thanks to ON1’s focus on user experience.

Normally ON1 Photo RAW costs $99.99 for a one-time license, and now – thanks to Black Friday – it’s just $74.99. So click here for the deal!

The Best Black Friday Deals for Photographers: Final Words

Well, there you have it:

Our favorite Black Friday deals for photographers in 2021, including training materials, camera gear, software, and more.

I encourage you to grab these great discounts as soon as possible. While there are plenty of amazing deals, they won’t stick around for long. Pretty soon, Black Friday will be over and prices will go back to normal.

So take advantage of these deals while you still can!

Know of any fantastic Black Friday deals for photographers that we missed? Share them in the comments below!

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