The right way to Create Holographic Instagram Image Effect | Photoshop Guide
In this photoshop tutorial we will see how to modify your pictures and use hologram effects to your Instagram screen shots. First we are going to speed run through how i made background and masked the subject and then i will show you step-by-step how to create the hologram effect and apply it for your pictures. The difficulty is level is bit high just for absolute beginners but those who are slightly familiar with photoshop should not have a problem. =================================== Recommendations for developers and content creators ► ✌️Try photoshop for free:
🖊️Graphic tablet for beginners:
🎙️Microphone I use:
💻Laptop I am using right now:
🐭Mouse I recommend:
🎧Headphones I use:
🖼️Place meant for premium stocks: =================================== Download images ► Grass:
Design: Looking for it =================================== Sound Used ►
Know Me – Patrick Patrikios =================================== Socials ► Instagram:
YouTube: =================================== Chapters: Intro 00: 00
Speed Art 00: 29
Grass trick to blend subjects 01: 50
Adding screenshot 03: 28
Panting shadows 04: forty seven
Painting even more shadows 05: 36
Finally The Hologram 06: 44
Painting atmosphere light 09: 55
Camera Raw 10: 36 =================================== Camera Raw Adjustments

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