The particular Weekly Photography Challenge – Toys

The Weekly Photography Challenge – Toys

This week our challenge can be inspired by some content I’ve spotted over upon THIS website showcasing some great product photography! After trying, we have a handful of images to share for a little inspiration!

A big thanks to Oziii Obsessions Photography intended for his help with this problem!


Toy photography is super fun! you can make it as realistic or as far from realistic as you like, and just have fun with this! Toys, Jedi, Dolls,, Lego, Cars..

I’ve just found a small plastic man wearing a hiking backpack on my table, I don’t know what adventures he’ll have this week, but I can be posting them in our Facebook team if you’re interested!

The Weekly Photography Challenge – Toys

The Weekly Photography Challenge – Toys

Toy digital photography isn’t regarding merely taking a toy, taking a photo and “job done” it’s well, have a read over here! ‘Getting Started in Toy Photography on dPS’

Don’t have time for any read, here’s a summary “The challenge associated with Toy Photography is to associated with toy “lifelike”; to remove that “plastic-feel” to it and to allow it to be more human. Most Gadget Photographers put their subjects into everyday, mundane moments. You are limited only by your imagination”

The Weekly Photography Challenge – Toys

Still stuck? There’s another great article more than here – clickety click – that might give you a dash of inspiration.

Make sure to use the hashtag #dPSToyPhotoChallenge if you’re posting in social media, or share your own photo in the comments on this post, you can find details on the way to do that below.

Great! How do I upload the photos?

Publish your photo into the comments field (look for the little camera icon in the Disqus comments section below this post) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, if you’d prefer, upload them to your most liked photo-sharing site and depart the link to them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Looking Up

Most of all, make a BRAND NEW photo for this challenge and also have some creative fun by it!!


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