Regular Photo Challenge – Leaves

Weekly Photo Problem – Leaves

Lots of you got involved with last week’s challenge ‘phones’ well done! This week we want a person back on your actual digital cameras and we want you switching your attention to the trees and shrubs, but more specifically their leaves ! Lots of detail to be found inside leaves, interesting patterns, dark areas, reflections, mottled sun shimmering through, etc .

Make sure you browse to the end of this article, there’s a little bonus in there for you **

Share your own photographs of leaves – make sure it’s a NEW photograph for this challenge! You have to period camera and go take a NEW photo for this 1, no photos from your previously shot leaves folder, first got it! ?

Tag your photos with #dPSLeaves and be sure you tag us on social networking.

leaves photo challenge for dps
This particular leaf was on its plant on a rocky link in Scotland, they were inside shadow and this one had been sitting out in the sun.

leaves photo challenge for dps
During Covid lockdown here in Melbourne, I’d go walking each day with my kids, challenge myself to find a brand new leaf.

leaves photo challenge for dps
Sun burning through a tree on a cold day within Melbourne, over-exposed to get rid of detail and give it the ghostly look.

Well, you will get the idea, we want to see you be creative with leaves! Simple really… Take a simple, easy to find subject and try to make it be noticeable through working on your skill and trial & error! Mostly we’re shooting electronic I guess, so it doesn’t really cost much to try, try and try again!

** Here is that little bonus I used to be talking about, we want to hear YOUR weekly challenge theme ideas – make sure when you posting your photo below that you let us know your theme that will you’d like everyone to try! We’ll feature your photograph for that challenge.

If you obtain stuck for ideas, jump into the Facebook group and find out what others are doing!

Simply upload your shot into the comments field (look for the little camera symbol in the Disqus comments section) and they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or even, if you’d prefer, add them to your favorite photo-sharing web site and leave the link for them.

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