Every week Photo Challenge – Mobile phones Only

Weekly Picture Challenge – Phones Only

Controversial, Simon! But you have to acknowledge that, at some point, you’ve made a photograph with a phone – or you haven’t and that is OK, too.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Phones Only

Use the hashtag #dPSPhonesOnly when you post upon social media to help us see your photos! You can post within the comments, (instructions down the bottom) or you can join and blog post over in our Facebook group if you like!

For this challenge, we’d love to see the BEST photo you’ve ever taken on your mobile phone! It can be one you’ve used at any time in the last year, or even it can be a new one you make specifically for this problem!

Remember, photography doesn’t need to be only ever with the highest quality camera or the most expensive lens, learning comes in all shapes and sizes!

Weekly Photo Challenge - Phones Only
Point Lonsdale – Australia

Sometimes we use them for documentation, sometimes simply because we don’t have a camera-camera with us, whatever the reason, as opposed to what a few muttered when phones started seeing better quality cameras, I think they’re not going anywhere soon!

Weekly Photo Challenge - Phones Only
Swan Bay – Queenscliff

Right then! Some admin, very first things first! If you’ve skipped any of our previous challenges, you’re welcome to go back is to do them all, brush up on your own skills or just find a few inspiration in the comments that will others have posted with their photographs – find them here

And here is a mini-tutorial on how to post your images in the comments below.

Basically upload your shot to the comments field (look for that little camera icon within the Disqus comments section) plus they’ll get embedded for us all to see. Or, in case you’d prefer, upload these to your favorite photo-sharing site and leave the link to them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Looking Up

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